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It’s been quiet here at The Haven for a few years. Truth be told, we lost the password for the wordpress. Woops! Now that it’s back, we’re cleaning up and updating a few pages. We’ll also include new pages for the FOUR books and TWO short stories that Amelia published since our absence.

maeve3.jpegThe Maeve’ra takes place in the 1800s, between the Kiesha’ra series and the modern-day Den of Shadows stories. This detailed the fall of the vampire empire of Midnight, which you may remember mentioned in ‘Midnight Predator’. This is back when Jeshickah was still in charge and the shapeshifter nations were under her boot. It will take a never before attempted alliance of nearly all inhabitants of Nyeusigrube to take down the vampiress and her line of wicked trainers! It all starts with ‘Bloodwitch’ in 2014. That was followed up by ‘Bloodkin’ in 2015 and the finale ‘Bloodtraitor’ in 2016.

6142AgSr2gL._SL210_611PMhEAh2L._SL210_In between the Maeve’ra novels, we had the short stories ‘The Rebel’ (told from the perspective of Kadee, Bloodkin’s narrator) and ‘The Prophet’ (told from the perspective of Malachai, Bloodtraitor’s narrator). The third and final short story, ‘The Assassin’, was not published though Amelia hopes some day to bring it to her fans. Maybe self-publishing will be in the future! We don’t know whose perspective that one is told from, maybe Vance the narrator of Bloodwitch to tie it all together?

These were the last stories told in Nyeusigrube for a while. With everything that happened at the end of ‘Promises to Keep‘ in the modern day Den of Shadows series, even if Amelia returns to the vampires, witches, and shapeshifters of our time, they will hardly be recognizable!

D1Wnj-8mT6S._SL250_FMpng_.pngLast year, in 2016, Amelia began publishing outside of Young Adult paranormal for the first time since she started in 1999 with ‘In the Forests of the Night‘!! Can you believe it? Her first foray into adult gay fantasy-romance is the Mancer Trilogy set in the new universe of Castra, starting with last year’s ‘Of the Abyss’ and continuing with this year’s ‘Of the Divine’ which just came out this month. Next year, the trilogy will wrap up with ‘Of the Mortal Realm’.

Have you read any of these new novels and short stories? What were your favorite parts? Do you have new favorite characters? We would love to know!

ahar-twitterYou can also follow Amelia on Twitter @AtwaterRhodes. That’s right, she has a Twitter now! Give a follow and keep up to date for all things new in Nyeusigrube and Castra!


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Hey Havenites!


Reviews for ‘Bloodwitch: Maeve’ra #1’ are starting to come in.  Why not check out a few on the Maeve’ra Page?


Are you excited??

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Hey Havenites! Guess what? Amelia posted on facebook today a picture of the ARCs that arrived at her house… They just so happen to be for the up-coming “Bloodwitch“, due out May 13, 2014!

Also, we have the synopsis from the Library of Congress:

Raised by vampires, a shapeshifter learns that he may be a bloodwitch who possesses rare and destructive magic that the leader of the powerful Midnight empire seeks to control.


This might not be the final cover. It could change and only have been a working cover. After all, there is not mention of it being Maeve’ra #1.

Still, we see a long green feather (likely a quetzal’s feather as that is the protagonist’s shapeshifter form), thorned vines, black tree branches, and I believe some roses petals on the ground.

What do you think of the cover? What do you think of the phrase “ONLY THE LOYAL SURVIVE”?


Then check out “Lilith’s Explorations of Midnight”. It’s a continuing story that Amelia is doing on her facebook page (edited):


Or if you’re on the forum, have a sneak peek on what’s upcoming:


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It’s that time, kiddies!

The FINAL book in the Den of Shadows series, “Promises to Keep”, has been released! The early buzz on the board is that fans are loving it, and that Amelia makes some MAJOR changes to her world. It’s shocking, it’s exciting, it’s epic… Have you picked up your copy yet?

Promises to Keep

Order your copy of PtK online, head to a local store to grab it in person, or download the ebook!

If you’re already ready it, what are your thoughts?

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Promises to KeepHey Haven fans! In case you missed the change, due to a publisher SNAFU (or more likely the merger actually: Random House, where Amelia is contracted, is merging with Penguin Publishers), we’re looking at a March 12, 2013 release for Promises to Keep!

Change it on your calendar, shout it from the rooftops, and wait patiently for another three months. 🙂

We also hear over on Amelia’s forum that PtK is the VERY LAST BOOK in the Den of Shadows series!

In other news, do you have a book blog (meaning a blog where you review books on a regular basis, especially Young Adult and paranormal books like Amelia’s)?

From Amelia’s facebook on December 8th:

    Anyone out there have a blog or site about writing, books, or a similar subject, and want a chance to read Promises to Keep by the end of the year (it won’t officially come out until March)? I have a couple ARCs to give away, if you’re interested in writing a review.

Send a private message to Amelia over on facebook to get more details! Be sure to tell her The Haven sent you!

Good luck!

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Yesterday, Amelia gave her fans a special Valentine’s Day present: the announcement of new titles officially under contract!

From the thread on her forum, Amelia says:

    I do love to be able to give good news!

    Official upcoming titles, under contract, are:

    Poison Tree (2012)
    Promises to Keep (2013)
    Maeve’ra Trilogy (2014, 2015, 2016)

    Thanks for the interest!


Poison Tree is out this June. Check out the updated Book Page to learn more about the synopsis AND get a brief glimpse!

Promises to Keep‘s narrator is Jay Marinitch, last seen in All Just Glass! According to Amelia on her forum, “Some chapters are narrated by Brina di’Birgetta. The book starts on Christmas Eve, and some events do take place at Haven #2, so some of you can probably think what other characters are likely to show up.”

Amelia once said that Promises “will cause some major changes in Nyeusigrube if I am brave enough to publish it.” Looks like that bravery found her at last! Exciting!

The Maeve’ra Trilogy is what it sounds like: a sequel to the Kiesha’ra Series! It follows three “Children of Obsidian”, descendants of serpiente priestess Maeve (Maeve’ra literally translates to “children of Maeve”).

The Maeve’ra Trilogy is tentatively:

Bloodwitch (Vance Ehecatl’s story)
Bloodkin (Kadee’s story)
Bloodtraitor (Malachi’s story)

These stories take place in 1802 and forward… during the end of the original Midnight’s reign. We wouldn’t be surprised to see all of Amelia’s creations on display: vampires, shapeshifters (serpiente, avians, falcons, Azteka, Mistari?), Tristes, Macht witches, and the battle between Mayhem and Midnight! What old friends might we run into from the Den of Shadows series? Are any of the falcons still alive from the Kiesha’ra, nearly 2000 years before the Maeve’ra? We’ll find out in 2+ years!

Thanks, Amelia, for keeping your fans informed!

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I stumbled upon some info on ‘Poison Tree‘, including the revealed cover and a short synopsis. After a quick trip to www.loc.gov, I confirmed that more info is showing up now.

PT also has an official release date: July 10th, 2012!

Unfortunately I could not locate a price for the hardcover version, only a Kindle edition. I hope that RandomHouse isn’t moving to only ebooks for AAR!

The LOC synopsis says that it takes place at SingleEarth, and that Alysia is the main character. The Amazon synopsis is vague as anything, though confirms that all of Amelia’s creatures will be sharing the spotlight in this one! On the LOC page, too, one of the filers there put in a question as to whether or not this is a sequel to Midnight Predator. With the Bruja Guild mentioned, it very well might be!

So click on the image below to learn more and see a full-sized version of the cover:


Personally, this is my least favorite cover I’ve seen so far. Which is a shame. I like the re-printed Den of Shadows covers better, and they were not that hot (especially compared to the original Forests or Demon covers.)

It just reminds me of something you’d find on deviantart in fanart–but if it was fanart, we’d probably know more about what was going on! Is this girl a witch? A vampire? A shapeshifter? A human?

I guess I was hoping for a little more visual hinting on what we’ll find inside. We’ve seen shapeshifters, vampires, hunters, healers and some Tristes before… an exciting cover showing some of those would have been appropriate!

So… What do you think? Leave your vote in the comments!

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