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Lauren Zurchin, from Lytherus, sat down with Amelia at San Diego Comic Con 2012. Head over to the link to listen to the THIRTY MINUTE interview!

    Amelia Atwater-Rhodes sat down with Lytherus at this year’s San Diego Comic Con for a one-on-one interview. She has written a ton of books (I think the official count at this date is thirteen published, with one more already known about, to be published next year) which is pretty amazing for someone in their late twenties — but I guess that’s what happens when you start publishing at fifteen!

    Amelia and I sat down to chat about her newest book, a stand-alone book called Poison Tree, written in such a way as to bring new readers into her series.

    Listen to the interview HERE!

Hope you enjoy the interview. Amelia chats about her world, writing about minor characters that spark interest in other stories, all about POISON TREE, and so much more!


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This week, Amelia is chatting with fans about POISON TREE! So get over there and ask all the questions your heart’s been desiring to know about this and past books… and beyond!

    What inspired Amelia to write this story?
    Will POISON TREE have a sequel?
    How did she decide on 4 narrators?
    How did she decide on the title?
    Which PT characters are most/least like Amelia?

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Did you know Amelia went to San Diego Comic-Con earlier this month? While she was there, she gave an exclusive interview to PerezHilton.com!

    While we were at Comic-Con earlier this month, we met up with Amelia Atwater-Rhodes, author of the new book, Poison Tree. The really awesome thing about Amelia is that she’s been a published fantasy YA author since she was — wait for it — 13! That’s way before Edward Cullen started to sparkle!

    On Why Amelia Writes In The Sci-Fi Fantasy Genre:

    Well I grew up on horror fantasy. My mom is a big Steven King fan, [and I] grew up on a lot of the movies before I started reading the books, which again wasn’t until about middle school. So there was always kind of, in the back of my head, this other fantasy world that I enjoyed playing with. When I started writing … I tried a bunch of different things, [but ultimately, my first story] was a vampire story and it was the first one I ever finished.

    There’s a lot of interest in fantasy horror. I mean, there’s a lot you can make up, there’s a lot of freedom, but I also like the challenge that comes from being based in the real world. You have to look at something and say, “OK, how does modern technology change something?” The invention of the cell phone has changed the horror industry, I have to say. You either have to come up with some convoluted reason for how the cell phone doesn’t work or else factor in the fact that all your characters should be able to be in touch constantly. I mean, as soon as a horror writer mentions there’s a dead zone — no cell phone coverage — you know something is going on; it’s obvious. So modern technology, the human world, the real world, affects everything I am doing as I am writing and that’s fun for me.

Want to learn how “Poison Tree Actually Took A Decade To Be Published”? Or the “Difficulties Of Writing Sarik”? Maybe you want to know the “Message Of Poison Tree and Who Should Read It” or who Amelia would “Like To See Star In A Movie Version Of Poison Tree? Then CLICK HERE to read more!

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