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HScover2Sad news for the used bookstore Once Sold Tales in Kent, WA today, who needs to close their doors. Meanwhile, the owner is trying to find homes for HALF A MILLION books, or they will need to be pulped (that’s “destroyed” in book world terms.)

From their site:

‘Once Sold Tales Walk-in Bookstore Outlet is now open at 22442 72nd Ave S, Kent, WA 98032!
All books, movies, and music just $1.50 per pound!
Choose from over 50,000 titles! – Mon – Sat 10am – 9pm, Sun Noon – 6
Also access our entire warehouse of over half a million books at the same location!’

We checked out their site and found that there are 10 different Amelia Atwater-Rhodes titles looking for a good home with 38 copies total. Plus countless other deserving Young Adult, paranormal, fantasy, romance, etc novels by other authors looking for a place to call home. The price is insanely good, so please check out their stock. Share the link! Spread the word! BUY A BOOK!


Here’s direct links to the Den of Shadows and Kiesha’ra series book available.

Den of Shadows Series (#1, #2, #4)
IN THE FORESTS OF THE NIGHT 2000 paperback (20 copies available)
DEMON IN MY VIEW 2001 paperback (7 copies)
MIDNIGHT PREDATOR 2002 paperback (4 copies available)

Kiesha’ra Series #1 through #4
HAWKSONG 2004 paperback (1 copy available)
HAWKSONG 2003 hardcover (1 copy available)
SNAKECHARM 2007 paperback (1 copy available)
SNAKECHARM 2004 hardcover (1 copy available)
FALCONDANCE 2007 paperback (1 copy available)
FALCONDANCE 2005 hardcover (1 copy available)
WOLFCRY 2006 hardcover (1 copy available)

Thank you!


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The Haven is on Twitter!The Amelia Atwater-Rhodes Haven is now on Twitter. This means you can follow us there and you’ll be automatically updated when we publish a new blog post, have tidbits of info, and so forth. Should be fun, right?

So head on over to your tweet-space, and follow @AARHaven today!

A heads up before the questions start: Our twitter is NOT associated with the author that this website gathers and promotes information on. You cannot reach Amelia by contacting us on twitter. You can, however, ask us questions that we will do our best to reply to, if and when we see it!

Mostly @AARHaven will be used to promote new information on up-coming AAR novels and short stories, interviews and articles, book tours, giveaways, and the like. That information can be automatically updated from this site as we post to the blog.

Without the need to actively log into twitter, commenting here is still your best option to contact The Haven!

So… What are you waiting for? I know you’re all on twitter! You keep searching it. 😛 GO FOLLOW US!!

Happy Holidays and have a great New Year!

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This month’s Ask A Question will come from all of you searching and finding The Haven!

The past month has seen people searching in several categories.



Amelia Atwater-Rhodes Poison Tree (and variations on spelling!) – 43 searches
is poison tree by amelia atwater rhodes really coming out
are the girls on the cover of poison tree by amelia atwater rhodes black?
poison tree amelia atwater rhodes plot
poison tree amelia atwater rhodes reviews

  • Yes! POISON TREE by Amelia Atwater-Rhodes is in fact really truly coming out. On July 10th, 2012. Pre-order at your local bookstore or online at BN.com.
  • (more…)

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    Hey Haven watchers!

    The Interviews formerly found on the “About Amelia” page now have their own section.  I had gathered too darn many to keep cluttering up the bottom of that page.  I also realized that while I was at it, the Quick Facts could use their own page too.  Though that one still needs some organizing.

    You can find Quick Facts and Interviews by scrolling over the top navigation bar’s “About Amelia”.  Hover for a second… You’ll see it. Or, check out the right side bar.  They’re over there too! If you have not read through some of the old interviews in a while, we have ones dating from 1999 all the way up through 2008!

    Do you have an interview with Amelia from 2009-2012? We’d love to include a link to it here!

    Ask The Haven; Get Your Questions Answered!

    The Haven grants readers quick access to all sorts of information if you do not currently have the books readily available. Sometimes you might have a question you need answered. Who were the serpiente and avian courting Oliza? What are the families of Macht witches? What powers do Triste have? How old is Jay Marinitch? How old is the author today?

    Pop over to the new Ask A Question page! Leave a comment and, if we have the answer, we’ll get it right to you!

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    Okay, so not quite pimped. We’re not street walking any time soon. No, instead Amelia Atwater-Rhodes has swung by The Haven site and given new pieces of info that will help YOU.

    Don’t take my word for it! Here’s what she has to say:

      Thanks for keeping this site going! I just stumbled across it for the first in a long time, and was happy to see all the work you all are still putting into the haven.

      I wanted to let you know that the Thoreau St address and the email address you have listed are no longer in use, and the LiveJournal only nominally exists (I should figure out how to take it down someday). The best ways to reach me these days are the blog and the message board on the site, followed by the Facebook page.

      Things sent to me c/o Random House do eventually reach me… usually… but there is often a long delay before they do so, and while I do try to read them all, I rarely manage to respond to physical letters.

      Thank you again!


    And THEN she pimped us on her facebook page. 🙂 Welcome to those of you reaching us from there. Have a look around!

    To Amelia: Thank YOU! It is beyond great to have you (the author The Haven has dedicated so much google-searching and ancient article scouring to) take a moment to say hello and to help us keep your fans updated, and–as if that weren’t enough–let us know you also like what we have going on!

    So, Haven followers, there you have it. Better, faster, stronger ways to reach Mrs. Atwater-Rhodes… now with updates from the author herself! Show your appreciation with some comment love, okay?

    Thank you, Amelia, for stopping by! Your fans here look forward to hearing from you again and seeing what comes out in the future… starting with Poison Tree next July!

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    We here at The Haven have finally noticed how we can help you share this info. Options for sharing on Google+, Twitter, Facebook, Reddit and more are available at the bottom of every post and page. We hope you’ll help spread the word about this site to fellow fans. 🙂

    We have also noticed a spike in interest in Poison Tree (Amelia’s next novel in line for publication) and questions about Amelia’s wedding to her partner. Those two interests have led the most people to The Haven this month!

    We hope you’ve found the info you were looking for. As for Poison Tree, the Book post is only a partial at the moment. The more information that becomes available, the more we’ll have for you!

    Thanks for your continued support! Now see those little buttons directly below here? Click them to START SHARING!

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    Going to hopefully be updating the site a bunch today since I remembered my WordPress password!

    I’ll edit this post as I change things. Lots of new info on Amelia’s books and what she’s been up to.


    * Cleaned up the Contact Amelia Page: It’s now shinier! I’ll be looking into updating it as well.
    * Starting to switch the Books from Pages to Posts. Forests, Demon, ShattMirr, MidPred, Hawksong, Snakecharm, Falcondance, Wolfcry, Wyvernhail, Persistence and Token all have their own posts now! AJG and Poison Tree to come! Also starting to include tags for Books, including the series they are in, and what creatures/organizations are involved. 🙂
    * Cleaned up sidebar, added cool new things, including a picture of the author so people know what the heck this site is about!
    * Starting to modify the Book-posts! If I can find the info, I’m hoping to include an “In the Author’s Words” section now and “Did you know?” or FAQ or such. Should be fun at least. 🙂
    * Woo hoo! Finally have tabs at the top for the Pages!
    * Cleaned up the images for the Book Covers- no more annoying white spaces!
    * What’s new with the author? Amelia’s wedding/new house/new job added to the About Amelia page!
    * Alternate covers of past publications added — INCLUDING FOREIGN LANGUAGE COVERS for Forests, DIMV, and MidPred. If you know any other FL covers, send them our way!
    * Created All Just Glass book post, with the updated Haven format!
    * Poison Tree and Promises to Keep: preliminary Book post created
    * Added new photos found; cleaned up Photo page. Looks way better!

    TO DO:

    * Post on Inbox of Diana Smoke, Amelia’s hyperfiction side-project [created, private until info is finished!]
    * Mancer Series post [created, private until info is finished!]
    * Maeve’ra Series post [created, private until info is finished!]
    * Create new forum, egads!
    * General clean-up on Book-posts (remaining: Hawksong, Snakecharm, Falcondance, Wolfcry)

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